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Ken Williams

The puppet master behind anti-gay "religious freedom" bills

The national media's frenzy over Arizona's passage of a so-called "religious freedom" law that blatantly legalizes discrimination against gays is overlooking the puppet master pulling all the strings.

BREAKING! Bid to overturn California's transgender law fails

The Secretary of State's Office today announced that a full check of signatures showed that the referendum effort failed to collect enough support to qualify for the November ballot. The referendum effort needed 504,760 valid signatures.

Uganda: Draconian anti-gay bill signed into law | VIDEO

The draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill is now law in Uganda, putting the lives of the LGBT community into harm’s way and setting back human rights in this landlocked African nation.

Marvin Burrows remembered: Why equality matters

Family, friends and strangers will gather this weekend to celebrate the life of Marvin Burrows, a longtime gay activist who became an important symbol about the harmful consequences of inequality dealt to many LGBT Americans.

North Park hit-and-run victim remembered by gay friends

The 32-year-old man who died early Friday morning in a hit-and-run crash in North Park has been identified as LGBT ally Seamus O'Bryan, a property master at Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park.