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Ken Williams

Missing Sacramento man may have been spotted by San Diego detectives

“Someone from the Medical Examiner’s Office contacted homicide detectives yesterday afternoon, and it turns out they have interviewed Brandon on the streets and documented him as a homeless person. They called me this morning and said they would try to find Brandon and ask him to call home.”

Anglican leader James Tengatenga, free to speak, opens up on homophobia

In his first major interview since Dartmouth yanked his appointment to a prestigious post, James Tengatenga, formerly the Episcopal Bishop for Southern Malawi, opens up like never before on issues of utmost important to LGBT Africans. Find out what he had to say.

"Valentine Road" - MOPA to screen documentary on Larry King killing | VIDEO

Director Marta Cunningham’s documentary, “Valentine Road,” digs deep into all the complicated issues that came to play, from how the biracial Larry’s exploration of his gender and sexuality impacted his fellow students to the roots of Brandon’s problems stemming from coming from a broken home and getting involved with a white supremacist.

TONIGHT: Walk to honor Hillcrest hit-and-run victim

Friends of Aaron "Kurtis" Vorhies, the hit-and-run victim in Hillcrest, are holding a memorial march tonight and trying to raise money to pay for his funeral and burial expenses.