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Ken Williams

Kristin Beck truly is "Lady Valor" and a transgender heroine

A former Navy SEAL who spent many years based in San Diego, and who came out as a transgender woman two years after retiring from the military in 2011, is the subject of a compelling documentary, “Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story.”

Comic legend Robin Williams found dead

Oscar-winning actor and comic Robin Williams was found dead today in his home in unincorporated Marin County, California, where the coroner is investigating the incident as a suicide. He was 63.

Gay Jeans ready to come out of the closet

As the denim ages with each washing, the traditional indigo will fade to reveal rainbow threading underneath. So your jeans will "come out" when they are ready.

FilmOut San Diego: Ringo Le and his "Big Gay Love"

"Big Gay Love" writer-director Ringo Le speaks with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about his indie movie, which is an official San Diego Pride event presented by FilmOut San Diego.

San Diego gay businesses rocked by threatening, homophobic hate mail

At least two gay-owned establishments in the heart of San Diego's LGBT community have been threatened in rambling, hand-written letters from a person who only identifies himself as "Eddie 777 Servant and messenger of the God Yahweh."