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Katy Perry

CoverGirl hires its first-ever male model

Katy Perry and Covergirl's first male model James Charles in new ad campaign.

Instagram celebrity and YouTube star, model James Charles, is making history in the commercial cosmetic world.

The 17-year-old is now the new face of CoverGirl becoming the first male ambassador for that brand.

He will help promote the new So Lashy! By BlastPro Mascara for the company in a new advertising campaign alongside Katy Perry.

LGBT quotes for the year 2011

Everyone has an opinion. Here is a formidable list of quotable quotes referencing the LGBT community in 2011.

Aunt Johnny: Campaign strategies make poor nap fellows

The infamous rabble-rousing, martini-drinking social-empire-of-one attempts to strategize a presidential bid for his best friend and alibi, Betty White, while misfit mutts and snoring celebrities are creating quite the distraction.