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Joy Behar

GLMA responds to Cain's opinion that "gay is a choice"

Admitted social conservative and presidential hopeful wants to see "scientific proof," but the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association thinks candidates should be focusing on other LGBT issues.

COMMENTARY: In "Hot-lanta" you stay "in the closet" as CNN’s Don Lemon did

With the "No Hope Baptist Church of God and Christ" and the "Apostolic Church of Hell" standing front and center in our black communities espousing religion-based bigotry as the word of God, these places of worship are the reasons why Lemon -- and we as an African-American community -- can’t tell the truth about our sexuality.

GLAAD's What To Watch Thursday night

Look for Chaz Bono to make the media rounds including a stop on the couches of "The View," followed by new episodes of "Grey’s Anatomy," "The Office" and "Bones" later this evening.