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VIDEO: Hillcrest Farmers Market returns for critical food needs only

The Hillcrest Farmers Market is back! But during the current public health crisis, the market will be modified to follow a number of safety protocols and be open to only serve fresh produce and groceries and pre-packaged food items.

Hale Media to organize food drive to benefit San Diegans in need

Hale Media to organize food drive to benefit San Diegans in need

With so many stories out there about people hoarding and stockpiling food items at grocery stores during the COVID-19 pandemic, one story that isn’t getting told as much is of the thousands of people across San Diego County alone who face food insecurity every single day.



San Diego Gay & Lesbian News (SDGLN) is now San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender News (SDLGBTN)! 

A letter from our publisher about: Carl DeMaio

A letter from our publisher about: Carl DeMaio.

I’ve never seen someone work harder than my husband Carl DeMaio fight for the things he believes in and in service of his constituents.

I am proud that Carl has been a change-maker in so many ways - including in the fight for equality for all (I will be publishing an editorial covering these issues soon).

San Diego's laser lightsmiths sculpt life from darkness

San Diego's laser lightsmiths sculpt life from darkness.

If you have spent any time enjoying the San Diego club scene you have probably experienced the fun and fantastical world of synchronized laser light shows. These brilliantly choreographed visual shows use cutting edge technology, music, and artistic flair to heighten the joy of a buzzing party atmosphere. 

SDGLN Weekly Wrap: July 21 - July 27, 2018

Here is everything we covered in SDGLN this week.

Summer is definitely here and there was plenty to report in the news this week. From a week-long heat wave to an upcoming celebration at Rich's for SDPIX's Sweet 16 to other interesting events locally and from around the world.  


VIDEO: OC Dem co-chair verbally attacks then stalks petitioner to car

Co-chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County Jeff LeTourneau confronts DeMaio's team in Orange County, CA.

Hale Media CEO and publisher of San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Johnathan Hale, has been volunteering his time in Orange County to help his husband Carl DeMaio (R) in a grassroots effort to recall CA Sen. Josh Newman (D) and ultimately the car and gas tax.