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Jan Goldsmith

Toni Atkins decides not to run for San Diego Mayor

"Now that Mayor Filner has resigned, I wanted to share with you my decision – reached after much careful consideration – that I will not be a candidate for Mayor."

San Diego Log Cabin Republicans to "reboot"

Carl DeMaio will speak at the next meeting of the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans, which is being coined as "reboot" meeting for the group which has been "offline" for a few months.

CARQUEST Auto Parts to pay $242,715 judgment after accused of overcharging customers

The judgment requires CARQUEST to pay $165,975 in penalties, $46,740 in costs to weights and measures agencies and to prosecutors’ offices and $30,000 to organizations as restitution. CARQUEST is also prohibited from charging an amount greater than the currently-advertised price for items in the future.