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Jack in the Box

Free burger from 'Jack in the Box' if Chargers make two touchdowns

Free Jumbo Jack the day after Chargers get two touchdowns.

SAN DIEGO -- If the Chargers make two touchdowns, head out to Jack in the Box the next day for a free Jumbo Jack (with purchase of large beverage).

In fact, now through Feb. 6, 2017, whenever the Chargers score two touchdowns all you have to do is head to the nearest participating restaurant the following day, and mention the touchdowns and you will receive the offer.

How North Park transformed from drive-thru to drive-to

For a few years North Park’s been San Diego’s most-talked about neighborhood. It’s basically ground zero for the city’s touted craft beer industry, makes national “hippest neighborhood” lists and functions as the proving ground for urbanist trends like parklets and bike corrals. And for the last few years, North Park’s also been the battlefield for an ongoing fight over drive-thrus.