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RGOD2: Where is God when needed most?

With all of these challenges this week across the globe, a few people have asked me the courageous question: “How could God allow this to happen?”

FilmOut Q&A: “Out In The Dark” with writer/director Michael Mayer | VIDEO

Michael Mayer makes an impressive feature film debut as director of this taboo gay love story set in Israel and the Palestinian territory, and he co-writes the screenplay with Yael Shafrir. Mayer chats with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about his remarkable film.

In Israel, Tel Aviv's last lesbian bar closes

The Beit Hasho'eva bar officially closed its doors on Sunday, bringing to a halt 14 years in which it served as the heart of Tel Aviv's lesbian community.

COMMENTARY: "Pinkwashing" is a whitewashing of the facts regarding Israel

With all the current atrocities going on in other parts of the world, award-winning LGBT author and scholar Lillian Faderman ponders why anyone would single out Israel and accuse them of embellishing or attempting to misrepresent their prolific history of LGBT rights.