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Irene Monroe

COMMENTARY: Transgender, victimized and black

It’s not easy for any person of African descent to be LGBTQ in our black communities, but our transgender brothers and sisters might feel the most discrimination.

COMMENTARY: Halloween is America's gay holiday

As Kwanzaa is a black holiday and St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday, maybe someday soon Halloween will be officially acknowledged as a gay holiday.

COMMENTARY: Presbyterian Church's ordination of gays is bittersweet

After decades of open struggle with the church's recalcitrant attitude and discrimination against its LGBTQ worshippers who wanted to serve as pastors, elders or deacons, the Presbyterian Church (USA) finally conducted its first openly gay ordination.

COMMENTARY: The past is never dead with the n-word

Too many of us keep the n-word alive. It also allows Americans to become unconscious and numb in the use and abuse of the power and currency this racial epithet still wields, thwarting the daily struggle many of us Americans work hard at in trying to ameliorate race relations.

COMMENTARY: Repeal of DADT ignores transgender troops

While our lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) servicemembers now have a policy in place to protect them from discrimination, the repeal of DADT doesn’t protect our transgender servicemembers.

COMMENTARY: Transphobia be damned, Chaz Bono comes out dancing

Transphobia? With what has now amounted to a tsunami of criticism for having Chaz in this season’s lineup, I applaud "Dancing With The Stars" for unwavering, and Chaz for stepping out.