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Irene Monroe

COMMENTARY: Reflecting on MLK Day about need for LGBTQ justice in the Black Church

King's teachings taught me how religion plays a profound role in the work of justice. A religion that looks at reality from an involved committed stance in light of a faith that does justice sees the face of the damned, the disinherited, the disrespected and the dispossessed -- and that also includes its LGBTQ people.

COMMENTARY: Black LGBTQs finding their voice for the future

As we cross over into 2012, one of our biggest accomplishments in 2011 has been the various ways in which LGBTQ of African descent have employed different public venues to be heard.

COMMENTARY: Black LGBTQ community doesn’t support its own

The folding of Gay Black Men News leaves LGBTQ African-Americans without a major news source, and the Rev. Irene Monroe mourns its demise and wonders why the black community doesn't support its publications.

COMMENTARY: Queer politics is for the birds

Homosexual activity occurs in more than 450 species of animals both in the wild and in captivity, and same-sex couplings in animals can be as enduring and life-long as they are in humans, one researcher says.