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Irene Monroe

COMMENTARY: Reflecting on GLAD’s diversity work

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) and the Rev. Irene Monroe have a long history, and she explains how it went from contentious to connected.

COMMENTARY: Men can’t compete in synchronized swimming? Really?

With the sport of synchronized swimming having both a gender bias and being homophobic, gay coaches like Don Squire and his partner Del Neel of Cyprus Club in Carmel Valley struggle to be taken competitively.

Will suspicion of "gender fraud" continue to haunt LGBT Olympians?

Being an LGBTQ Olympian doesn’t elicit as much homophobic shock and awe as it did when four-time American Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis competed in the 1980s. But homophobia finds a way to surface, and now a days its not so much about an athlete's sexual orientation as it is now more about suspecting that a LGBTQ athlete is perpetrating "gender fraud."

COMMENTARY: R&B star Frank Ocean comes out without coming out

Frank Ocean, as a rising star in R&B and hip-hop, hasn't stated whether he is "bisexual" or "gay," frustrating many in the LGBTQ community, but it might speak to his need to stay afloat professional.