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Irene Monroe

COMMENTARY: The right wing’s "War on Christmas"

Truth be told, Muslims, secular progressives and Jews have never been the folks trying to abolish Christmas. Instead, it was once an extreme group of Protestants.

COMMENTARY: To be monogamous or not?

The practice of polyamory was once thought to be an absurd issue to explore as a relationship choice. But today's it's not, opines SDGLN contributor the Rev. Irene Monroe.

COMMENTARY: What Pope Francis has known about gay priests

Pope Francis continues to send seismic shock waves across the globe with his liberal-leaning pronouncements. And they are the most affirmative remarks the world has ever heard on the dicey subjects of abortion, contraception and same-gender marriage.

COMMENTARY: Harlem LGBTQ residents at risk

Islan Nettles death has shaken parts of Harlem, especially the Hamilton Heights community where in the last decade an LGBTQ community has gradually emerged.