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VIDEO: Is "Shish va Pish" Iran's first gay movie?

Mohammad Reza Golzar and Amin Hayati, two hugely popular actors in Iran, star in the "buddy movie" that has stirred up controversy and been condemned by one imam for "promoting Hollywood-style homosexuality."

COMMENTARY: Sexual minorities persecuted in Iran

The State Department's most recent human rights report on Iran notes that the law "prohibits and punishes homosexual conduct; sodomy between consenting adults is a capital crime."

Iran executes three men for sodomy

“This of course contradicts the infamous statement of [Iranian President] Ahmadinejad that gays do not exist in Iran.”

In Iran, LGBT activists distribute leaflets against homophobia

The report goes on to say that the Iranian diaspora media failed to report this extraordinarily brave action and "in addressing various aspects of human rights violations and discriminations did not take full advantage of the opportunity to educate the public about homophobia.”

VIDEO: LGBT Iranian asylum seekers march in Turkey

The marchers had messages for Iran's brutal leaders: "Ahmadinejad, we’re here!"; "Iranian queers will not keep silent anymore!"; and "Iranian queers, we’re altogether now!."