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Landlord sued to add same-gender spouse to lease

Lambda Legal files a complaint against a New York City landlord for refusing to add lesbian tenant Dava Weinstein's spouse Dorothy Calvani to her rent-stabilized lease as is required by state and city law.

Iowa appeals court upholds conviction of HIV-positive man

The Iowa Court of Appeals today affirmed the conviction of Nick Rhoades, an HIV-positive Iowan who was initially sentenced to 25 years in prison and required to register as a sex offender after having a one-time sexual encounter with another man during which they used a condom.

Inaccurate birth certificates irk Iowa advocacy group

The Iowa Department of Public Health stands accused of denying married lesbian couples birth certificates listing both parents, even after the state Supreme Court ruled that it must do so.

Iowa high court rules children born to married lesbian couples have two birth parents

"By naming the nonbirthing spouse on the birth certificate of a married lesbian couple's child, the child is ensured support from that parent and the parent establishes fundamental legal rights at the moment of birth. Therefore, the only explanation for not listing the nonbirthing lesbian spouse on the birth certificate is stereotype or prejudice."