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International AIDS Conference

RGOD2: The spiritual journey begins in exile

"We must stand with our brave brothers and sisters who face daily threats and insults and give them the tools and the safety nets to do the work that someone needs to do."

RGOD2: Supported on the shoulders of others

“The Spirit of 76” initiative is ongoing to build a deeper and more resourced global network for LGBT inclusion in 20 countries directly. Please consider making a donation to support this work.

RGOD2: Time to do “the laundry”

"We are in a pivotal historic period where we can shape the destiny of millions of LGBT people globally and challenge the moves to deny key constitutional rights as criminals."

RGOD2: Religion and HIV

We may disagree about gay marriage in this country but surely we can agree that killing gays and lesbians or imprisoning them in any context should never be sanctioned in the name of God or of the state.