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Alphonso David is out as President of Human Rights Campaign

Alphonso David is out as President of Human Rights Campaign

Last week, the Boards of Directors of the Human Rights Campaign and HRC Foundation terminted Alphonso David as the organization's President. 

The termination resulted from a board-led investigation which ultimately concluded that David "acted counter to HRC’s values, mission, and policies." The board stated that David's involvement was a violation of his employment contract.

American Psychological Association affirms gender identity

American Psychological Association affirms gender identity

The Human Rights Campaign responded to a resolution adopted by the American Psychological Association that opposes efforts to reject or attempt to change a person’s true gender identity, citing research that conveys those actions as harmful. “The Resolution on Gender Identity Change Efforts” aligns with the APA’s position against similar efforts to change a person’s sexual orientation.

Meet LGBT History Month Icon Elizabeth Birch

Birch’s activism began when she joined the Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee.

Elizabeth Birch is a prominent LGBT activist. From 1995 to 2004, she served as executive director of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest LGBT organization in the United States. Under her leadership, the HRC’s budget quadrupled and its membership increased more than tenfold.

San Diego scores 100-plus points on HRC’s Municipal Equality Index

San Diego gets a perfect score and then some on HRC's Municipal Equality Index.

Each year for the last five, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) releases their Municipal Equality Index (MEI).  This metric rates US cities on their non-discrimination laws, municipality as an employer, municipal services, law enforcement and relationship with the LGBT community.

Next HRC Connect event to explore being LGBT in the corporate world

Is it risky to be out and visible at work? Please join HRC San Diego for our April Connect with guest speakers Tristan Higgins and Ron Wasinger from Sony Electronics for a discussion of their experiences as visible members of the LGBT community at a large corporation.

Advocates sound alarm on wave of new state bills that would chip away at equality

The bills—many modeled on a failed attempt in Arizona last year that drew condemnation from businesses, faith communities, and elected officials in both parties—put all state non-discrimination laws at risk of being undermined or mooted. They threaten not just the LGBT community, but women, members of minority faiths and other minority classes.