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ACTION ALERT: Urge Nigerian president to ditch “Jail The Gays” bill

While the world is focused on Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill, the Nigerian House of Representatives has unanimously approved even more sweeping and draconian homophobic legislation, the “Jail the Gays” bill. It could become law within weeks.

COMMENTARY: Obama and Romney do lunch!

Recently re-elected President Barack Obama and failed GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney had lunch last Thursday, and what fun it is to imagine their conversation. Perhaps it went something like this. …

COMMENTARY: AP bans "homophobia," but SDGLN won't follow suit

SDGLN will not follow the AP Stylbook and will continue to use the words “homophobia,” “homophobic” and “homophobes” as long as mistruths, lies, hatred, bias, discrimination and propaganda are used by anti-gay activists to demonize the LGBT community.