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Cameroon enforces harsh anti-homosexuality laws | VIDEO

Most cases are marked by grave human rights violations, including torture, forced confessions, denial of access to legal counsel, and discriminatory treatment by law enforcement and judicial officials.

RGOD2: Holy Week with Uganda’s LGBT community

SDGLN Contributor the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle sees a parallel between the life of Jesus and the struggle for LGBT rights worldwide.

Audio recording emerges of singer Michelle Shocked’s anti-gay rant

Audio emerged Wednesday of folk singer Michelle Shocked’s performance at a San Francisco club on Sunday night, in which her anti-gay remarks have led to a firestorm of criticism among the LGBT community and its allies, and led to an abrupt end to her U.S. tour.

Anti-gay NARTH loses tax-exempt status

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is hailing the move as another discrediting blow to NARTH, which has pioneered these abusive practices that have destroyed the lives of countless LGBT young people and adults for years.