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60th anniversary of federal government’s gay purge

On April 27, 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued an executive order calling for the removal of homosexuals from all federal agencies. Gay and lesbian government workers were immediately fired or resigned out of fear of being publicly outed. Even LGBT people working in the private sector whose jobs required them to have a federal security clearance were also fired or resigned.

Stupid things people say: "So ... who's the bride?"

Gay man planning his wedding is running up against the usual silliness from planners used to making arrangements for opposite-sex couples.

Paraguay elects anti-gay, tobacco magnate as president

An anti-gay tobacco magnate, who compared gay people to "monkeys" and threatened to remove his private parts if his son married another man, was elected president of Paraguay on Sunday.

COMMENTARY: Gays in Major League Baseball?

Who of our current general managers has the courage to sign or encourage the first openly gay baseball player? And who of our current players, or one who is coming up, who are gay would have the courage of Jackie Robinson?