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COMMENTARY: Taking down anti-Keynesian economics homophobe Niall Ferguson

While Niall Ferguson's gay-bashing of Keynesian economics was to discredit Maynard Keynes and his entire body of work, it has rather done the reverse - brought renewed international attention to a renown economist and to another one of our LGBTQ unsung forebearers.

TODAY: Catholic bishops ask faithful to pray, fast that Prop 8 is upheld

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has asked Catholics to pray, fast, and abstain from meat on May 3 “for the justices of the US Supreme Court, that they would respect the authentic meaning of marriage by upholding California’s Proposition 8.”

Zimbabwe group calls for banning gay organizations

A local pressure group, Africa Against Western Influence and Interference, has called on authorities to ban gay and lesbian groups in the country, saying their existence was unconstitutional and un-African.

Death penalty on way in Ethiopia for gays?

The workshop reportedly looked with the social "evils" and "disastrous" effects of homosexuality in Ethiopia, and was led by United for Life Ethiopia, a Western Evangelical Christian organization with local representation.