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Draconian anti-gay bill signed into law in The Gambia

Yahya Jammeh, the brazenly homophobic president of The Gambia who has called gay people "vermin" and should be exterminated like mosquitoes that cause malaria, has signed into law one of the most horrific anti-gay laws in the world.

9 most homophobic church signs

Certain church leaders certainly seem to be re-prioritizing Jesus’ to-do list. They’ve decided to ignore the Bible’s minor points, like turn the other cheek and that whole Golden Rule thing. Also, they’re not going to worry so much about the poor. These shepherds, instead, demonstrate their love for Jesus Christ by hating on homosexuality.

The puppet master behind anti-gay "religious freedom" bills

The national media's frenzy over Arizona's passage of a so-called "religious freedom" law that blatantly legalizes discrimination against gays is overlooking the puppet master pulling all the strings.

Anti-gay Uganda is obsessed with gay porn | VIDEO

Uganda might have vehemently anti-gay legislation in place, but that hasn't stopped the nation from becoming one of the world's top consumers of gay pornography, according to reports.