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Supervisors delay action on County Clerk's Prop 8 steps

After two days of closed-session meetings, the county Board of Supervisors has not issued any statement about County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg’s recent controversial actions related to Proposition 8.

San Diego County Supervisors to discuss today what to do about anti-gay County Clerk

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors plans to meet in a closed session today to discuss what to do about renegade County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg, who failed in his bid to persuade the California Supreme Court to issue a stay to halt same-gender marriages in the Golden State.

COMMENTARY: Taking down anti-Keynesian economics homophobe Niall Ferguson

While Niall Ferguson's gay-bashing of Keynesian economics was to discredit Maynard Keynes and his entire body of work, it has rather done the reverse - brought renewed international attention to a renown economist and to another one of our LGBTQ unsung forebearers.

COMMENTARY: AP bans "homophobia," but SDGLN won't follow suit

SDGLN will not follow the AP Stylbook and will continue to use the words “homophobia,” “homophobic” and “homophobes” as long as mistruths, lies, hatred, bias, discrimination and propaganda are used by anti-gay activists to demonize the LGBT community.