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Back Out With Benny: Mixing the holidays with community

Sometimes the number of events taking place within our community gets tiring — even for the most seasoned of socialites — but I remind myself how fortunate I am to live in a place and be part of a community (since I was 16 years old, nearly 20 years now) that offers me such a wide variety of options to mix, connect, meet new people, and to raise funds and support for great causes.

Life Beyond Therapy: "I hate the holidays"

Most of us suffer some negative effects from what I call RRT (Retailing/Religion/Tradition). Instead of falling victim to the effects of RRT, why not decide how you want to spend the next few weeks?

Shop Hillcrest and win this holiday season

The Hillcrest Business Association is encouraging everyone to support locally owned businesses and Shop Hillcrest this holiday season.

LETTER: Update on 100 Center families and seniors

The Center is still raising funds to provide special meals, gift cards and support to more than 62 additional families in need during this holiday season – and I’d deeply appreciate your support.

Celebrating the Fourth of July

Unless there is breaking news affecting the LGBT community, SDGLN and GLBT News Network will not be publishing live during the holiday weekend so that our hardworking staff members can spend quality time with their families and loved ones.

Joe Price Christmas Tree Farm open in Hillcrest

The holiday season is in full effect and over the next couple of weeks people will be heading to Christmas tree lots around the county to pick the perfect tree for their homes. Those looking for a tree don't need to go any further than the corner of Park Blvd. and Polk Ave. in Hillcrest to Joe Price's Christmas Tree Farm.