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Being Alive selling Ribbons of Hope to fund HIV/AIDS services

Ribbons may be purchased for $1, $5, or $25. The “Ribbons of Hope” are available throughout San Diego, at various sponsors such as Revivals, AHF Pharmacy, Baja Betty’s, Mankind, The Loft, Pecs, Redwing and many more.

Profiles in Advocacy: Sabbaticals, shadow cities and San Diego

I want to use my efforts to keep San Diego non-profit money in San Diego. We are our own city, with unique challenges and demographics to serve. I want to see our city come out of the shadows and claim it’s rightful place in the non-profit sector.

San Francisco politician comes out of the PrEP closet

"Each morning, I take a pill called Truvada to protect me from becoming infected with HIV. This strategy, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, reduces the risk of HIV infection by up to 99 percent if the pill is taken once a day. This makes PrEP one of the most effective HIV-prevention measures in existence."

Mama's Kitchen raises over $25K at annual wine tasting

The event, held for the past 19 years, is one of the organization’s major fundraisers and attracts guests from all over the county to sip wine, mix, mingle and raise funds for Mama’s Kitchen’s meal delivery service.

Fear, shame and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS cheat us of important choices

The conversations Center Staff and I are having with too many in the LGBT community are filled with crippling fear, shame and stigma - Fear that prevents regular HIV testing, stealing the chance for early detection and treatment.

Hornet gay social app launches HIV-test finding feature

In an effort to help prevent HIV infections and reduce stigma, the Hornet Gay Social Network launches a feature that will help users located HIV testing services and learn more about PrEP and other topics related to the fight against HIV/AIDS.