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Remembering the legendary Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered for many things: a great actress, a stunning beauty, a huge supporter of marriage rights, and an unflinching pioneer who raised money and awareness of HIV/AIDS. And I have some personal memories.

Maria Mejia brings a powerful voice to women living with HIV

Listen to Maria Mejia, and the many other women with HIV for whom she speaks: Do yourself, your partner, and the community a service. Get tested, know your status and help create a more compassionate world free of ignorance.

Life with Benny: My personal crusade through the fear and stigma of HIV

Even though Benny has been an gay activist for his whole adult life, HIV/AIDS was a constant cloud floating around his head and his heart until just a few years ago, in large part due to the teachings of his youth. He now stands strong in the fight for greater awareness and against the social stigmas that stifled him for years.

Reflection: World AIDS Day

After all these years of knowing about HIV/AIDS, it still continues to amaze me that so many educated people fear it so much. The amount of discrimination that still exists is startling.