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Look Better Naked: Platelet Rich Plasma therapy comes to the rescue!

As we age, joint pain may stop us from doing the things we like to do to make ourselves look better naked. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is the latest all-natural, safe and effective treatment for many suffers of joint pain and injury.

Trans Fit: Try these new waves of grain

Tired of the same old oats, wheat and barley? Chris gives you the scoop on some much more exotic grains and grain substitites to give a try, and they are good for you, too.

Look Better Naked: The importance of taking care of your prostate

Due to its location surrounding the bladder and urethra, any changes or growth to the prostate can have very noticeable symptoms. Three common conditions affect the prostate gland: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis and prostate cancer.

VIDEO: Transgender Chris Tina Bruce to make bodybuilding history this weekend in San Diego

Local personal fitness trainer and nutritional consultant Chris Tina Bruce will be the first transgender participant in a bodybuilding competition this weekend. She will also be the first person to have ever competed as both a man and a woman and says due to the way bodybuilding is run, she has no advantage.

Did the path to AIDS actually start in 1921?

Working slowly forward from 1900, Dr. Jacques Pépin explains how Belgian and French colonial policies led to an incredibly unlikely event: a fragile virus infecting a small minority of chimpanzees slipped into the blood of a handful of hunters, one of whom must have sent it down a chain of “amplifiers” — disease eradication campaigns, red-light districts, a Haitian plasma center and gay sex tourism.

Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Obliques for freaks!

Obliques can be a very challenging part of the body to mold and sculpt. To make them really pop, you have to hit them hard and utilize some weighted exercises.