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Hate Crimes

San Diego gay businesses rocked by threatening, homophobic hate mail

At least two gay-owned establishments in the heart of San Diego's LGBT community have been threatened in rambling, hand-written letters from a person who only identifies himself as "Eddie 777 Servant and messenger of the God Yahweh."

Lesbian sister accuses brother of hate crime

A 22-year-old lesbian from Lincoln, Neb., has accused her brother of an anti-gay hate crime, telling authorities that he and a friend attacked her and her fiancee with a crowbar and later tried to ram their car into oncoming traffic.

Hate crime attack leaves man paralyzed

An openly gay man who is a church choir conductor will be paralyzed from the waist down after being viciously attacked in New Glasgow in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Man walks on technicality in gay assault case

A Brooklyn man accused of brutally beating a man while yelling anti-gay slurs was let loose without an assault charge because of “technical issues” — and now police are hunting for the out-on-bail brute so he can be charged with assault as a hate crime, according to cops and court records.

Brooklyn man badly beaten in possible hate crime

“Someone started screaming, ‘Hey you, f-----. I turned around and gave him a look like, ‘What the hell?’ and the next thing I know the guy starts punching me in the face.”