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gender expression

Yo: Pronouns and cons

I'm a straight male who happened to be born in a female body. I know. I don't really get it either. I started to understand when I found out the word for people like me: "transgender." I thought, "We do exist!"

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why Bradley Manning's identity shall remain private

The members of the San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality want to make a clear expression of support for Private Manning, regardless of the degree of responsibility for sharing classified information, regardless of the outcome of the so-called military court-martial, and regardless of his or her gender identity.

Colombia's highest court affirms right of sexual identity expression

This is the latest pro-LGBT decision from the court which has in the recent past authorized some of the most advanced protections for same-sex partners in Latin America. The court is expected to rule soon on same-sex marriage as well as adoption by same-sex couples.