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How Boy Scout bigotry affected my family

I felt violated, because the spirit of Boy Scout bigotry had descended on my home, forcing me to explain to my son that I am not as universally loved as he supposed. This is a state of affairs that my sons had been blissfully unaware of... until now.

Yo: Pronouns and cons

I'm a straight male who happened to be born in a female body. I know. I don't really get it either. I started to understand when I found out the word for people like me: "transgender." I thought, "We do exist!"

Stupid things people say: "So ... who's the bride?"

Gay man planning his wedding is running up against the usual silliness from planners used to making arrangements for opposite-sex couples.

Patti Davis, daughter of Nancy Reagan, says her mother supports marriage equality

Patti Davis, the daughter of former President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan, made headlines two weeks ago when she said her father would have backed same-sex marriage. Now, in a new interview, she says that her mother, who rarely speaks on public policy issues, supports marriage equality.