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Gay San Diego

Life Beyond Therapy: Cheaters

You wonder: How can you trust him again? For most of us, it takes time; you can’t rush it. He will have to realize this and not pressure you to “get over it.”

San Diego Remembers moves forward with plans for #SpiritDay 2015

On Oct. 15, 2015, SDR invites the community to don their purple attire and meet at the John Wear plaque for a time of refection, to celebrate those memories at a Spirit Day Parade immediately after, and finish at a resource reception, where you can find out how to activate your activism in one of San Diego’s LGBTQ social justice efforts.

Life Beyond Therapy: Parenting yourself

Almost everyone I know complains about their parents — clients, friends and relatives alike. Our parents never get it right, do they? They always screw up in tons of creative, hurtful ways. But what can we do about it?

New urban winery seeks community funding for Hillcrest location

For the Hillcrest property, they plan to have an in-house winery, a patio and a kitchen, and will continue to focus on producing wines with grapes harvested from local vineyards, with growers in Warner Springs, Temecula, Ramona and Pauma Valley.

Back out With Benny: A very wet but very memorable Pride

Even though Pride is now behind us, there is still so much going on around the community, with some of my favorite summer events on the horizon, including what many in the community refer to as “Pride Lite” — Hillcrest CityFest on Sunday, Aug. 9 from noon to 11 p.m.

Profiles in Advocacy: To be LGBTQ, gifted and black …

When a person is a minority within a minority, and often asked to choose “which one they are, black or LGBTQ?” where do they go to center and renew their spirit?

Local swim club celebrates a milestone

The origin of DSST dates back to 1985, when the group was formed in order to prepare for the first-ever Gay Games, held in San Francisco that year.

San Diego State University to raise rainbow flag in advance of San Diego Pride

In a statement, Eric Rivera, vice president for student affairs, invited members of the faculty and all students to attend and encouraged wide participation of the event to show campus support of LGBT students on the SDSU campus as well as the local LGBT community at large.