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Gay San Diego

North County Update: Change is good!

This Saturday, Dec. 12, the North County LGBTQ Resource Center is holding an open house and tour of the new currently-under-construction site, which is located at 3220 Mission Ave., in Oceanside.

Back Out With Benny: Mixing the holidays with community

Sometimes the number of events taking place within our community gets tiring — even for the most seasoned of socialites — but I remind myself how fortunate I am to live in a place and be part of a community (since I was 16 years old, nearly 20 years now) that offers me such a wide variety of options to mix, connect, meet new people, and to raise funds and support for great causes.

Life Beyond Therapy: The power of silence

How can we find some silence, or do we even want to? Are we afraid of silence? After all, what would we do with an empty space, with all that nothingness?

Profiles in Advocacy: Philanthropy can be for all of us

Having come from D.C., where black-owned and -operated businesses thrive, and black LGBT networking, social and advocacy groups abound, Johnson admits to having been spoiled before arriving in San Diego. The absence of seats at the “tables of power” for the local black LGBT community has been both troubling and frustrating. To this end, he has also chosen to put his efforts into serving on the leadership team of the San Diego Black LGBT Coalition.

Out at the Archives: Tours, visits and events

With the help of volunteers from the community at large there has been lots more happening at Lambda Archives and much more planned!

Life Beyond Therapy: Fantasy sex

We imagine what other people do and we see — in videos and movies — hundreds of images of how other people have sex.

San Diego Democrats for Equality celebrate 40 years

The club will host a 40th Anniversary Brunch on Sunday, Nov. 7, featuring former Assembly Speaker John Perez with current and past club members, and the general community is also invited.