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Back Out With Benny: The month of love

Let’s try a bit harder to love each other this year, and decide that our friendships and community relationships are a lot more important than being “right” on social media.

Life Beyond Therapy: A 'double testosterone' marriage

I am pleased to report that I recently signed a contract for my new book, “The Double Testosterone Marriage: Monogamy or Open Relationship?” with Rowman & Littlefield publishers.

LGBTQA summer camp seeks volunteers

The leadership summer camp hopes to offer at-risk youth and young adults an atmosphere free of discrimination and confusion.

Life Beyond Therapy: It's not the alcohol; it's you

People love to blame their problems on sources other than themselves. It’s not much fun to take responsibility for our problems, is it? And yet, it’s really the only way to make changes that last.

Out at the Archives: A very full year

As 2015 draws to a close, we here at Lambda Archives extend our best wishes for wonderful holidays and good hopes for a fantastic 2016.