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Gay Middle East

Gay Tunisians speak out about fears on direction that country is headed

The socio-political upheaval Tunisia has undergone since the revolution has led many Tunisians to question their place within this new society – Tunisia’s often un undiscussed LGBT community is no exception to this uncertainty.

Gay sex video embroils Tunisia’s Interior Minister in scandal

Tunisia’s interior minister, Ali Larayedh, has been embroiled in controversy and scandal as a leaked video allegedly shows him in gay sex while serving time in prison. This scandal has outraged and inflamed public opinion regarding homosexuality which was already jittery due to the electoral political tactics that used sexuality in order to discredit various opponents. Gay Middle East investigates.

Saudi man jailed for using Facebook to date other men

Activists are concerned for the safety of a 30-year-old man arrested by the religious police in Saudi Arabia for using Facebook to date other men.

Iran executes three men for sodomy

“This of course contradicts the infamous statement of [Iranian President] Ahmadinejad that gays do not exist in Iran.”

In Syria, "anti-regime gay people" are being "hunted"

It is hard enough for gay Syrians to have to hide and fear the authorities because of their sexuality in a country where homosexuality is forbidden by law. The danger becomes more threatening with Assad fanatics threatening to expose those who dare to have a different political opinion.