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gay marriage

Will the Mormon Church sit out Hawaii's gay marriage vote?

Fred Karger is eager to find out if the Mormon Church will stay on the sidelines or meddle in next month's special session of the Hawaii legislature to debate marriage equality.

Mayors for the Freedom to Marry sets 50-state goal

The centerpiece of the new campaign is a feature called Light Up the Map, an interactive map that highlights the cities represented by Mayors for the Freedom to Marry, identifies key cities where Mayors are not yet a part of the campaign, and provides a call to action that makes it easy for users to urge their mayors to join.

HRC hires Brad Clark to develop strategies to achieve full equality

Brad Clark will lead a cross-organizational effort to integrate, optimize and channel HRC’s transformative work in order to do the most good in the greatest number of places across this country — ultimately bringing full equality to the areas that have seen the fewest legal advances to date.

COMMENTARY: Three reasons why gay couples should not marry

There are actually some situations in which it is better not to get hitched, or at least to take your time and be certain that the positives will outweigh the negatives.

Same-gender marriage won't be on Arizona's 2014 ballot

Arizona voters won’t be asked next year whether the state should allow same-sex couples to marry, after a campaign to place an initiative on the November 2014 ballot imploded over disagreements among supporters of the measure and challenges raising money and gathering signatures.

Big marriage push kicks off today in Ohio

Why Marriage Matters Ohio, a marriage equality education campaign supporting the right for any loving, committed Ohio couple to marry, launches today statewide.