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gay divorce

Jane Lynch and Dr. Lara Embry are divorcing

Jane Lynch and Dr. Lara Embry married during Memorial Day weekend 2010 in Sunderland, Mass. at the Blue Heron Restaurant in front of a small gathering of the couple’s closest friends and relatives.

The high cost of same-sex divorce

A patchwork of state marriage laws and the federal Defense of Marriage Act has made the process of unraveling a relationship extremely difficult -- and expensive.

A gay divorce catches attention of Kenyans

The London gay wedding of Kenyan men Charles Ngengi and Daniel Chege Gichia sent shock waves throughout Kenya. And now their divorce is registering on the Richter scale.

Modern Love: Marriage equality also means gay divorce

There are more questions than answers when it comes to the divorce of married same-sex couples. Eventually things will be worked out. However that day has yet to arrive.