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The secrets to getting that awesome athletic look

Grant Foreman helps San Diego get fit both inside and out.

The aesthetic that most of us respond to nowadays isn't the huge body builder type that was popular during the 90's 

Having an "athletic" look isn't the same as being totally beefed out and thus takes a different style of workout. 

Stop doing the same old moves and hoping for different results. 

Take the compliment, you worked hard for it

Small steps in changing your habits, may mean big strides toward your goal.

Getting a good compliment can feed your mood often long after the moment has passed and you’ve slipped out of that great outfit back into your ‘eatin pants.

Putting yourself in the position to receive more comments such as these by taking care of your body feels especially good.

How 'they' got so lucky with that body

Grant Foreman

There’s a risk when I’m honest with people about the process that’s involved with making permanent changes to one’s physique. At the onset of a new training program, or diet change, the motivation is strong. Most are open to the idea that it’s going to take real work over an extended period of time.

Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Just lift!

This routine has it all! Compound movements, box jumps and a HARDCORE abdominal inversion crunch! Each exercise was picked specifically to fatigue your muscles and help boost your metabolism to maximize your calorie burn.

Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Biceps!

The kind of soreness you feel in your muscles after thick-bar training is that DEEP muscle destruction sensation that lasts 2 – 4 days.

Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Seated single-leg extension

This leg routine is INTENSE! One thing I like to do is switch it up and isolate my quads. I know a lot of people don't like the leg extension machine, but if set up properly can work wonders.

Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: 4 rounds of rapid fire!

Each exercise was chosen to boost your heart rate and maximize the amount of calories you can burn in under twenty minutes. Really push your body to the limit and finish all four rounds as fast as possible!