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Original 'Omen' and 'Omen II' on the San Diego big screen still creepy

Harvey Spencer Stephens in "The Omen" (1978)

In 1976 the movie “The Omen” hit theaters and introduced the world to the young hell raiser Damien Thorn, spawn of Lucifer.

Tonight, FilmOut presents not just the original “Omen” (40th Anniversary) on the big screen but its highly successful sequel “Damien: Omen II” (1978) as well.

'The first truly gay horror fantasy' will play in Hillcrest on Oct. 12

Just in time for Halloween, "Nightbreed" invades Hillcrest for one night only.

What is it about the movie “Nightbreed” that makes the LGBT community identify with its characters so much?

The movie based on openly gay author Clive Barker’s novella “Cabal” is an adventure fantasy with horror overtones.

Movie Review: 'Fair Haven' is a touching modern day love story

Michael Grant as James in "Fair Haven"

Nobody is quite sure what goes on in gay conversion therapies except those who have gone through it.

At one point in history (maybe even today) expelling the gay out of someone meant electro-shock treatments and aggressive forms of subliminal brain washing.

FilmOut 2016 Festival and Audience Awards results

Kiss Me, Kill Me

Many talented directors, actors and writers are honored with the 2016 FilmOut awards. Here are the results: 

The 2016 FilmOut Festival Awards:

Best Narrative Feature – Grant Scicluna, Downriver

Best First Narrative Feature – Stephen Dunn, Closet Monster

Best Screenplay – Ray Yeung, Front Cover

Adults only film 'Theo and Hugo' is a gay romance for grown up thinkers

Geoffrey Couet and Francois Nambo in "Paris 5:59 (Theo and Hugo)"

Theo and Hugo is a film that starts out with an explicit orgy sex scene, then slowly works its way through the relationship parts of two men falling in love in the course of an early morning adventure through the nighttime streets of Paris.

How Goldie Hawn in 'Overboard' is much like Miranda Priestly in 'Prada'

Goldie Hawn in "Overboard."

Goldie Hawn’s character Joanna in “Overboard” probably couldn’t run an international fashion magazine such as Miranda’s Priestly’s Runway in “The Devil Wears Prada,” but there are some aspects to her pre-amnesia personality that would have given Miranda a run for her money.