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FilmOut San Diego

Changes in the wind for FilmOut San Diego

Basking in the glow of a mega-successful 15th annual LGBT Film Festival, the FilmOut team has tweaked its future plans to take advantage of the growing library of quality movies that appeal to the community. This will mean more LGBT movies year-round.

"Meth Head" runs away with 2013 FilmOut awards

“Meth Head” and “Raid Of The Rainbow Lounge” dominated the 2013 FilmOut LGBT Film Festival Awards this year, along with audience-favorite "I Do."

FilmOut: Booboo Stewart to attend final day of LGBT Film Festival | VIDEO

Special celebrity guest today will be Booboo Stewart of "Twilight Fame," who is the star of "White Frog." Stewart just flew home from Canada, where he is filming "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" and playing the role of James Proudstar/Warpath.

FilmOut Q&A: "The Go Doc Project" with creator Cory James Krueckeberg | VIDEO

Writer-director Cory James Krueckeberg tells San Diego Gay & Lesbian News that his movie, “The Go Do Project,” was a “no budget film” done out of love by cast and crew. And his message for audiences? “I want audiences to remember to step away from their computers, smart phones, tablets, televisions … and live life for real.”