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FilmOut San Diego

FilmOut: "Sordid Lives" creator to receive Career Achievement Award at festival

Fans of the campy, yet classic film “Sordid Lives” will be excited to attend this year’s FilmOut LGBT Film Festival, as “Sordid Lives” writer and creator Del Shores will attend to accept a Career Achievement Award. FilmOut San Diego will also screen the film.

FilmOut: Q&A with Frank Christian Marx, sexy star of "Men To Kiss"

Frank Christian Marx talks about his film, "Men To Kiss," and how he and co-star Udo Lutz have forged a friendship and business partnership. The sexy German gives a surprising answer to what it is like to film a steamy sex scene!

FilmOut: Q&A with Rolla Selbak, director of “Three Veils” | VIDEO

Rolla Selbak, director of "Three Veils," paints a rare portrait about life in America for three women with Middle Eastern roots in the Muslim world. The reaction she has gotten from Muslims and Arabs worldwide range from death threats to high praise. Find out more about the making of the movie in this Q&A.

FilmOut: Q&A with Michael D. Akers, director of “Morgan” | VIDEO

Michael D. Akers, the filmmaker behind "Morgan," speaks to SDGLN about how his romantic movie featuring a paraplegic lead character is groundbreaking in LGBT cinema. Read the revealing Q&A with Akers, and see the movie on June 1 at FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival.

Warner Brothers to screen "The Bodyguard" nationwide on March 28

The day after Warner Brothers withdraws its worldwide rights to show "The Bodyguard," causing FilmOut San Diego to cancel its screening of the movie and its Whitney Houston tribute, the movie studio announces a one-time screening on March 29 and the release of a new Blue-ray DVD.