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FilmOut San Diego

FilmOut San Diego: Ringo Le and his "Big Gay Love"

"Big Gay Love" writer-director Ringo Le speaks with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about his indie movie, which is an official San Diego Pride event presented by FilmOut San Diego.

FilmOut's LGBT Film Festival lineup for Sunday

The U.S. premiere of "John Apple Jack," a hit movie from Canada, will be the Closing Night selection to conclude the 16th annual FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival at the North Park Theatre. Screenings start from 11 am today.

It's Opening Night for FilmOut San Diego's LGBT Film Festival

Eric Schaeffer's "Boy Meets Girl" romantic comedy will be making its West Coast premiere as the Opening Night attraction. The screening begins at 7:30 pm at the North Park Theatre in San Diego's hip neighborhood of North Park.

FilmOut: "Folsom Forever" filmmaker Mike Skiff talks kink, fetish

Director Mike Skiff (“Kink Crusaders”) documents the history of the popular San Francisco event in his new documentary, “Folsom Forever,” coming to FilmOut San Diego’s 16th annual LGBT Film Festival.

FilmOut: “John Apple Jack,” West-East comedy feast

Director Monika Mitchell, who co-wrote the screenplay with producer Rick Tae, discusses the making of “John Apple Jack” and how post production problems almost derailed the movie.

FilmOut: “Such Good People,” a gay twist on the screwball comedy

Screenwriter/producer David Michael Barrett, director Stewart Wade and producer David Avallone speak about the making of “Such Good People” and how they were about to assemble such a great cast that includes Michael Urie and Randy Harrison.