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Fernando Z. Lopez

Surprise F-15 flyover on Saturday was a first in U.S. Pride history

Surprise F-15 flyover on Saturday was a first in U.S. Pride history.

Those loud jets you heard in the skies on Saturday were actually United States LGBT Pride history in the making.

A four-ship F-15 flyover from Cal Guard's Fresno 144th Fighter Wing shook windows and eardrums all across Hillcrest and its surrounding areas in a salute to transgender military service members. 

San Diego Pride: "Build Power, Not Walls"

Some may wish to focus on building walls, but we at Pride are looking to build upon our queer brilliance through international, intersectional, intergenerational mentorship.

At the Stonewall Riots, our community unleashed our strength, fought back against societal and institutional violence, and then continued honoring that moment year after year, building a global movement on that rebellious foundation.

San Diego begins marrying same-gender couples | VIDEO

Stephanie Torres (left) and Susan Hartman have the honor of being the first same-gender couple to marry in San Diego since the demise of California’s Proposition 8.

Stephen Whitburn campaign team named

“As I speak to voters throughout the 4th District, it’s clear that they are disillusioned with our Do-Nothing Board of Supervisors. I hear over and over again that it’s time for leadership with fresh, bold ideas, not the tired political games of the last 20 years.”

I don't like to nag, but....

Today at 1 p.m. there will be a Marriage Equality Rally in front of the Federal Building at Front and F Street.

Love Warrior: Down the aisle and out to the polls

I was initially planning to write mainly about the previous race, because it was a direct push back on the “activist judges” concept. Then as I thought more about what voting really means and all the other races we are looking at, it made more sense to bring up the larger issue of voting as a whole.

Love Warrior: Milk and marriage

While over the last year many have focused on the division in our community about the date we return to the ballot, the reality was that we had field organizers and volunteers from a multitude of organizations working collectively and creating waves of change in California.

Love Warrior: Health care, torn at the heart

Hospital and emergency room visitation rights have varied not only by state, but in some cases by city or county. Then there are outlandish cases like mine where the law is in place to protect LGBT couples yet the hospital treats these couples inhumanely.

Love Warrior: The end of 2010

As I’m sure most of you will recall the 2010 v. 2012 divide was intensely heated within our community. Friends, coworkers and organizations all drew their respective lines in the sand, and there wasn’t a gay on the block that wouldn’t shove their 10 v. 12 opinion down your throat.