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Federal officials "shocked" at transgender violence and discrimination in Puerto Rico

A leader and longtime activist of the Transexuales y Transgéneros en Marcha (TTM) recently met with a dozen or more officials within the Dept of Health and Human Services, as well as the Dept of Justice, to bring attention to the violence and discrimination the community is experiencing in Puerto Rico.

Scholars travel to Boston to study LGBT population health

The Summer Institute features a week-long course in quantitative analysis, a 3 weeks-long dynamic seminar in LGBT health and social life, and hands-on training in a data lab in working with datasets that include sexual and gender minority measures.

Obama shows steady progress on LGBT health issues

LGBT people are not counted in the health surveys the federal government uses as a mechanism to address and fix health disparities, thus our disparities are not documented to the usual standards. After a slow start, HHS senior officials have been steadily churning out policy documents that now include and even prioritize, LGB and yes, even T, health disparities.