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RGOD2: Nature red in tooth and claw

A crisis can both bring out the best and worst in us individually and collectively. We can find inspiration in the simple ways human beings reach out in compassion and solidarity, we can be simply indifferent and cocoon ourselves from human suffering whenever possible, or worse, we can exploit others suffering for our own validation.

RGOD2: The Freedom Tree remains a somber symbol even today

The Freedom Tree was a symbol of the worst possible period in Africa’s tragic history, but clearly, these issues have morphed into new challenges and new forms of inhumanity.

National Cathedral dean calls homophobia and heterosexism a sin

With the rise of anti-gay crimes across throughout the country and across the world and with the high rate of suicide committed by LGBT youth, Hall’s message was that of compassion as he relayed the message of intolerance against any form of hatred.

RGOD2: Terror in the name of religion

SDGLN Contributor the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle is in Italy as Pope Francis and other faith leaders are taking a hard look at church reforms.

RGOD2: The imperative need of family

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle and St. Paul's Foundation is in Rome pushing for the end the global persecution of LGBT people. This is the second RGOD2 column in a three-part series.