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GLAAD releases Social Media Safety Index

GLAAD releases Social Media Safety Index

This week, GLAAD released the findings of its inaugural Social Media Safety Index (SMSI), an analysis of LGBTQ user safety across five major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, and the first-ever tech-industry baseline of LGBTQ user safety. Results from the Index debuted during a special segment on Axios on HB

Facebook hack affects 50 million accounts

Hackers exploit a hole in Facebook code.

Facebook says they have discovered a breach in their online security system which had the potential to allow hackers to appropriate over 50 million accounts.

Both Facebook and Instagram go dark on Wednesday

Facebook goes dark just as it is immersed in election controversy.

It wasn’t just you who noticed that your Facebook page and Instagram pages weren’t loading today.

The social media platforms went dark for many across North American and Europe on Wednesday morning.

This is an unfortunate event for Facebook given the criticisms it is facing over alleged false news reports and the role it may have had on the presidential election.

'Jayden K. Smith' Facebook warning is a PM hoax

Latest Facebook hoax should be ignored.

Just to add a little bit more inconvenience to your day, a Facebook hoax has been making the rounds and many people are falling for it.

The message is sent to you via Private Messager and reads something like the following:

Christian web evangelist wants cross reaction button on Facebook

The proposed cross added to Facebook's emoji reaction strip.

 The Rainbow flag emoji on Facebook has allowed many people to express their Pride, but one conservative group is asking that the social media giant also include a religious symbol in the form of a cross to the reaction bar.

Magical Harry Potter easter egg for Facebook users

The first Harry Potter novel was released in the UK 20 years ago.

Are you wondering why some of your friends on Facebook are suddenly updating their statuses with Harry Potter references?

The social media giant is celebrating 20 years since the UK release of the first Harry Potter book, “The Philosopher’s Stone” and made a special interactive easter egg to those who wish to reference the epic story.

Christian Facebook page warns rainbow emoji will get you banned

One Christian Facebook page has said that if you use the rainbow flag emoji on their page they will ban you.

Last week Facebook let you be a little more colorful with your reactions by adding a rainbow flag to the emoticon toolbar for Pride month.

Facebook adds rainbow flag emoji for Pride month

Facebook has released a rainbow flag emoji for Pride month.

In addition to Facebook allowing people to show their appreciation for an outstanding status with a thumbs-up or smilie face, today they added a new emoji to their emoticon ribbon to celebrate Pride month: a rainbow flag.

The company in a post says they, “believe in building a platform that supports all communities.”