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Elizabeth Taylor

PFLAG Perspective: A retrospective look at the AIDS crisis

With a visual protest on the front of her home the day Reagan died, my friend Jeri illustrated the deep personal toll the AIDS crisis had taken at a time when something needed to be done and the Reagan administration did little to nothing to help. This lack of action contributed to a crisis that is now a pandemic, said to affect 33 million people, worldwide.

COMMENTARY: The quiet genocide – a call for religious conscience and action

These moral battles, as we have seen in Uganda, are often driven by well- meaning Christian fundamentalists from the USA in a perverse kind of neo-colonialism. They have no idea of the fallout from these laws to millions of LGBT people who cannot access HIV prevention or care.

Remembering the legendary Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered for many things: a great actress, a stunning beauty, a huge supporter of marriage rights, and an unflinching pioneer who raised money and awareness of HIV/AIDS. And I have some personal memories.