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Dwayne Crenshaw

Dwayne Crenshaw to spearhead The Humanity Movement

Dwayne Crenshaw to spearhead The Humanity Movement
In the aftermath of, and in response to, the murder of Michael Brown by police six years ago in Ferguson, Missouri, Dwayne Crenshaw, partnered with Tony Young, and co-founded RISE San Diego, which fosters urban leadership and civic engagement.

Thousands walk in San Diego for Equality March

Thousands marched through the streets of San Diego for the Equality March on Sunday.

Today the Equality March on Washington was also celebrated by over 116 cities around the country.

Right here in San Diego, thousands took to the streets from curb to curb marching through downtown heading toward the city’s administration building.

Profiles in Advocacy: To be LGBTQ, gifted and black …

When a person is a minority within a minority, and often asked to choose “which one they are, black or LGBTQ?” where do they go to center and renew their spirit?

Why the district 4 election got so negative

On Tuesday, voters in Encanto, Paradise Hills, Skyline and other southeastern San Diego neighborhoods will choose their next City Council member and are deciding between two Democrats who are likely to vote the same way on most issues.

PRESS RELEASE: Dwayne Crenshaw picks up endorsements from primary opponents

Building on the Crenshaw campaign’s momentum moving toward the 4th District runoff election, the campaign is pleased to announce the endorsements of primary election candidates Blanca Lopez-Brown, Barry Pollard, Sandy Spackman, Tony Villafranca and Bruce Williams.