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Fashion icon Marc Jacobs designs marriage equality T-shirt for HRC

Jacobs has designed a limited edition T-shirt featuring the image of a lesbian couple with their child and the words, "I pay my taxes, I want my RIGHTS!" on the front, and "Marc Jacobs Proudly Supports Human Rights Campaign" on the back.

COMMENTARY: Marriage, taxes and the unfairness of DOMA

For those married California LGBT couples, and those with a registered California domestic partnership, this time of year brings a special inequality. Same-sex married/registered couples must prepare their taxes twice, once as a single taxpayer to the federal government and once as a married couple to the State of California.

COMMENTARY: Time for DOMA to go the way of the dodo

Whether DOMA will be repealed remains very much in doubt. The House has a new Republican-Tea Party majority that is more conservative than the nation at large; polls show that a majority of American supports the repeal of DOMA.