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Disney World

Disney World remembers Orlando in a special way

Cinderella's Castle in rainbow colors to honor the fallen in Orlando.

Although Disney theme parks never officially puts their brand behind the LGBT community, they do try to be inclusive of it, and in the wake of the Orlando tragedy they went a step further.

Case in point last Saturday, June 18, Disney World in Florida, just 16 miles away from the tragedy that befell Pulse nightclub, the park did something special.

Sam Brinton talks about wearing heels to Walt Disney World, inspiring a young gay child and the letter that followed

Samuel Brinton wore heels to Disney World and inspired a young gay child; his mother sends a letter of gratitude.

Samuel Brinton, 26, walks through the halls of Congress in high heels. He walks through the United Nations in high heels. He even wears them to the Gay Men’s Chorus in Washington DC. But it was his choice to wear his pumps to dinner with his boyfriend at Walt Disney World in Florida that had an unexpected impact on one little boy who saw more than just his stilettos.