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Dining Out For Life

Dining Out For Life San Diego is back for 2021 - volunteers needed

Dining Out For Life San Diego is back for 2021 - volunteers needed
As Dining Out For Life® (DOFL) organizing kicks into high gear, we need special volunteers to serve as virtual DOFL Ambassadors at our participating restaurants. Since DOFL 2021 is committed to both helping local restaurants recover and raising funds for local HIV services, we’ll especially need the support of DOFL volunteers to maximize turnout and participation – can you help?

Support is on the menu today for 'Dining Out For Life'

Nearly 100 eateries will participate in Dining Out For Life in San Diego.

Whatever it is you are planning for breakfast, lunch or dinner on today, stop and think about what day it is.

The Tenth Annual Dining Out For Life is happening all around San Diego to help out the San Diego LGBT Community Center (The Center) on Thursday, April 28, 2016.

Back Out With Benny: It's ok to age

Age is a funny thing. Many people make such a big deal about growing older, when really it’s something that should be celebrated. By the time next month’s column is printed, I will have aged another year, turning 36 and hitting the second half of my 30s.

Dining Out For Life San Diego update: Napizza in at 50%!

Napizza - Little Italy and Napizza - Hillcrest will join the 10th annual Dining Out For Life® San Diego on Thursday, April 28 and they have generously decided to donate 50% of their proceeds. By doing so, Napizza owner Giulia Colmignoli hopes to raise HIV awareness, strengthen local HIV services and encourage people to access HIV services.